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Test und Erfahrungsberichte 2023

  • the world's first offline generator for seed phrases
  • compatible with all BIP39 wallets and hardware wallets
  • the software is open source
  • orderable in the ELLIPAL Shop for only (ERROR - no price)

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ELLIPAL Joy Testbericht 2023

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ELLIPAL Joy is an offline seed phrase generator produced by ELLIPAL. The generator is capable of generating 12/15/18/21/24-word seedphrases compatible with all BIP39 hot wallets and hardware wallets.

These phrases can restore all digital assets to another wallet if you have lost access to your hardware wallet. Therefore, it is very important that these phrases are random, unique and not known to anyone. ELLIPAL Joy was developed to perform this process as safely as possible on an extra device.

Scope of delivery of the ELLIPAL Joy

ELLIPAL Joy can be easily ordered from the official ELLIPAL store at (ERROR - no price). There is a 30 day return guarantee and shipping is worldwide.

Ellipal Joy Overview

Ellipal Joy Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery includes a quick start guide, a USB-C cable for charging the device and a rubber band that can be attached to the ELLIPAL Joy.

Offline Seed Generator ELLIPAL Joy

Also included is of course the ELLIPAL Joy Seed Phrase Generator itself. This is a small cube with external lengths 37x37x37mm and with a weight of 39 grams. It contains a small battery that can be charged via the included USB-C cable.

On the top, on the left and on the right side there is a button each, with which the Joy can be operated. On the back is the power switch. On the front is the small display that shows the recovery seeds. Unfortunately, it is somewhat susceptible to scratches and quite small.


The device is operated with the help of three yellow buttons. After switching on, the seed generation process already starts. You are simply asked how many words it should contain and after a few seconds the display shows the words. You can navigate through them using the two buttons on the left and right.

These can be copied and then imported into any wallet, for example a hardware wallet from ELLIPAL, Ledger or TREZOR.

Offline Seed Phrase Generator Security

As mentioned at the beginning, the seed phrase is essential for all your digital assets. ELLIPAL Joy was developed to ensure that this is created as safely as possible.

The chip ensures that the generation process is completely random and the code can be publicly tested and verified thanks to the open source solution. ELLIPAL Joy also runs in a fully isolated network environment, protecting it from hacking attacks. It is portable and easy to store in the bag.


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